EVready Provisional

Wall mounted power outlets ready to change to a charger! (Making your building EV ready without the upfront cost of the charger), we run all the correctly rated cables from the board to the Wallbox base plate and fit a double power outlet in its place, once you purchase your electric vehicle in the future, all you need is to remove the power outlet and screw back the EV Wallbox charger. This makes upgrading later on a breeze and if you are going to move you can take your changer with you!

Pulsar Plus Wallbox EV Charger

Pulsar Plus Wallbox

Pulsar Plus is our best-selling electric Vehicle charger in Auckland and for good reason too. The Pulsar Plus Wallbox charger has big features in a small package, designed for the home, apartments, and small businesses.

The Pulsar is easy to use, economical and full of technology and features. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is suitable for every plug in vehicle, with type 1 and type 2 tethered connector.

The Pulsar is also rated all the way up to the maximum domestic charging power of 22 kW. 

It is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available.

Prices start from $2,000+GST installed


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Commander 2 Wallbox

Upgraded charging solution for business

Commander 2 is an advanced, intelligent charging system for plug-in vehicles, designed for semi public and business charging locations. It is a new and improved second generation design with touch screen interface, incorporating multi user management, internal DC leakage protection and smart Power Sharing functionality.

Charging Smarter!

Prices start from $3550+GST installed


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Commander 2 Wallbox - EV Charger


Wallbox Copper is one of the latest designs from wallbox and is specially adapted for commercial and semi-public use. The first thing you will notice is that it has a plug in socket rather than a lead which means less worry on maintenance and general wear and tear the charger is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles with the lead to plug in. The Copper SB is an intelligent charger like all the others in the range and can be connected to the internet for real time monitoring and usage statistics through the wallbox online platform.

Prices start from $3550+GST installed


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Leased Wallbox Chargers

We offer leased options designed to save your business the upfront cost of investing in a charger, unlimited charging on our 12, 24 and 36 month Plans.

Installation, Annual service, customer support and power account included

Plans start from $99/month