Public Electric Vehicle Chargers in retail areas

Want to increase foot traffic to your business?

Want to improve dwell times in your retail space?

EVready will do just that!

Evready can design, supply, monitor, manage and setup your electric vehicle charger to increase shoppers dwell times, increase foot traffic in low pass areas, help convey to the Public your business stance on clean, green renewable energy.

Public charge times are typically between 8am-4pm,it happens to be the same time Solar Energy is producing power at its peak. EVready can design and install an integrated system utilising solar energy on top of your retail business/warehouse to then offset your power consumption.
How about that for a 0 carbon footprint and clean green image to your consumers!

Electric Vehicle Charger Maintenance

EVready has 2x in-house electrical inspectors completing regular EV inspections and checks.

Periodic inspections are required by law every 6 months for Public EV chargers.
We include a free maintenance check and periodic inspection with all our Leased EV chargers at your business or public space, this removes the hassle and unseen costs of managing and maintaining your own public EV charger.

EVready chargers integrating with your Renewable Energy

Our chargers are intelligent!

We can set them up to charge when your solar panels are producing the most energy, charge when you’re paying off peak power at home in the early hours of the morning, or when your batteries at home are ready to be completely discharged in the early hours of the morning prior to your solar on your roof harnessing another days energy from the sun.

If you want acomplete turn-key solution EVready and design, and install a solar, battery and EV charger at an extremely competitive rate, making your property incredibly efficient and reducing your carbon footprint dramatically