EVready is here to help, our in-house residential installers are residential electricians by trade.
We know our way around a switchboard and exactly how to provide an outstanding level of service.

Our online reviews speak for themselves!

Wallbox chargers are waterproof so can be fitted inside or outside your garage, on the side of your house, on your driveway and even along your fence!

We set ourselves apart from the rest by having all our Electricians/Installers in house, meaning a high level of quality control and our installers aren’t working on a fixed price per install. This allows us to deliver a high quality smooth install from start to finish.

Because all our Installers are NZ Registered Electricians EVready can help you with your regular Electrical Maintenance at the same time to save on callout fees and extra labour charges!

Installing a car charger in your home is a straight forward 3 step process.

  • Fill out out our EVready online form with all your required details and a photo of your switchboard (can also call our office to talk to one of our friendly installation consultants)
  • One of our support staff will then contact you to arrange an onsite meeting to check your exact requirements if needed.
  • Our NZ registered Electricians will then fit your new EV charger, cleanly and efficiently in your preferred location

Smart EV Charger Weekly Subscriptions are Available now!